RPS/Cafe Art  Mentoring Group

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Welcome to the RPS/Cafe Art Mentoring Group

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Hello my name is Julian Rouse and I, with the help of Judy, John, Vince,  & Pat, mentors from the Royal Photographic Society currently run the RPS/Cafe Art mentoring group in association with  Cafe Art run by Paul Ryan.

Twice a month, normally on a Saturday we take a group of people who are homeless or have been affected by homelessness on a photo walk in the London area. Borrowing cameras from Fujifilm and RPS members, the group's participants practice and improve their photography skills with the help of the mentors.


On the other Saturday's in the month we review and edit a selection of the photographs, currently using zoom.


We also prepare photo's for exhibitions and have an exhibition coming up shortly in Brixton library.

A selection of photos from the walks are shown below and if you are currently homeless or have been affected by homelessness in the past and would like to join us or have further questions about the group please contact me.

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RPS/Cafe Art Mentoring Group
07710 129082                londoncommunity@rps.org