Cafe Art & RPS Mentoring Group


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Hello & welcome to the RPS Cafe Art Mentoring Group.

This is where we run regular challenges that we can all enter to help us practice & learn more about, photography.

All themes chosen will consider the current Covid situation.

Week 26 - 28 Depth of fields tests

To understand more about depth of field and aperture settings please click here

My images in the mentor gallery show that when I increase the F number my depth of field is wider. At F4 everything but the bottle is blurred and out of focus ,  at F13 the background starts to sharpen, see how much sharper the railings are. at F20 the whole image is sharper still. You can also see as I increased the F number the shutter speed shown in brackets slows down to let more light in. Finally if you look carefully you can see more dust spots on the shot with the small aperture F20 than on the wide F4 aperture.

To view the images on a desktop, laptop or mobile scroll down and  click on the thumbnail from the gallery for a full size version.

Mentors gallery

Dee sent in a variety of images at F5.6  &  F9 . One F5.6 image & One  F9 image are shown above (the settings are in the left hand corner):

Shenan sent in to sets of images at F4, 9 & 16. The first set I have also cropped in to show the effect in more detail (below)

Damian's images show the drawers all in focus, however you if you click on the F4 image, you will see the shallow depth of field means the dartboard is slightly out of focus. Due to the short distance between the drawers and dartboard, both the F11 & F16 images are totally in focus. 

Saffron took some images of a a Door Installation Sculpture in Regents Park part of the Frieze London's open -air sculptures to coincide with the Frieze Art Fair 2020. Sculpture is created by Gavin Turk, a British Sculpture. Piece is called L'Age d'Or (Green & Red) at different F-numbers. You can see how much softer her image is at F4 and sharper at F11