Cafe Art & RPS Mentoring Group


Cafe Art would like to add some of your images to their Instagram and Facebook sites.  Should you not want your images posted, or have a question regarding the postings please contact Paul at Cafe Art by clicking here 

Week 16 Buildings

Goska's first 2 images are good photos. Photo 2 clearly meets the brief. Image number 1 is not quite so clear. Number 1 is a lovely photo but does the building fill 40% of the photo space. Its best to be clear.

With Shenan's  full set of 10, all good photos, 9 of them clearly fit the brief.  With image no.10 it's not so clear. Does one building fill at least 40% of the image space?  Its best to check and if it's not clear simply crop it an a way that makes it clear.