Cafe Art & RPS Mentoring Group


Cafe Art would like to add some of your images to their Instagram and Facebook sites.  Should you not want your images posted, or have a question regarding the postings please contact Paul at Cafe Art by clicking here 

WEEK 17 Windows

Following on from last week the theme for this weeks practical is: Windows -  each image to contain at least 2 windows which should cover at least 1/3rd of the image. The main point of interest should be the windows themselves or what is happening within the frames.  We are looking for between 5 & 10 photos, there is a bonus point for each image (up to 5 bonus points max) that meets the brief. If you send in more than 10 photos only the first 10 received will be accepted. Can be taken on any device of your choice and cropped or edited. Only other rule is it must be taken this week. 

To view the images on a desktop, laptop or mobile scroll down and  click on the thumbnail from the gallery for a full size version. Images will be marked if they clearly meet the brief and are therefore eligible for a bonus point.