Cafe Art & RPS Mentoring Group


Cafe Art would like to add some of your images to their Instagram and Facebook sites.  Should you not want your images posted, or have a question regarding the postings please contact Paul at Cafe Art by clicking here 

WEEK 20 - Why is this a good image

In preparation for possible exhibitions, the theme for this week is:  Why is this a good image -  We are looking for good images/compositions taken by you this week. Each image to be accompanied by 10 to 50 words on why you thinkthe theme and composition of the image is good and of interest to others. You might find the previous tutorial on composition useful

Again this week we are looking for just 5 images. One of the difficult aspects of entering photographic competitions is analysing your own images and picking those that firstly meet the brief and from them, those that are likely to be most interesting. 


Can be taken on any device of your choice and cropped or edited and must be taken this week. 

The way the 10 to 50 words are worded does not matter and if you need to add a few more words to help explain why you took the image that's fine. For example it maybe the positioning of the image, the colours or patterns in the image or the contrasting theme in the image just let us know why. I have added 10 example images of mine with descriptions which will hopefully make it clear as to what we are looking for.

To view the images on a desktop, laptop or mobile scroll down and  click on the thumbnail from the gallery for a full size version.