Cafe Art & RPS Mentoring Group

Competition Rules

  1. When photographing - Stay Safe - as always think about your health and safety.  All compulsory and recommended government guidelines relating to the Coronavirus must be adhered to. All photo's must be taken on the week of the competition and must meet the the weekly theme brief.

  2. Five competition participants are needed for the competition to be valid.

  3. Every other Tuesday a short tutorial will be put on the website along with a photographic theme for the Week. 

  4. Photos on a weekly theme and, when applicable the multiple choice answers to the tutorial, should be sent in by midday Sunday.  

  5. A vote will then be held to pick the 3 favourite images the voting will close midday Monday. Shortly after the winner of the competition and the new weekly themes will be announced. 

  6. All members of the group; mentors, participants and others involved in the mentoring are requested to vote from the course participants gallery only.

  7. Each member of the group will have one vote , you can change your mind and vote again but only your last vote will count. You cannot vote for your own image.

  8. All photos will be added to the website.

  9. The weekly winner will receive a £10 Amazon gift voucher. For every 100 points accrued a bonus £10 gift voucher will be awarded.

Competition scoring

Each week points will be added up after the vote: 

Points from week 12:

Each first place favourite photo will be worth with 4 points.

Each second place photo will be worth 2 points.

Each 3rd place photo will be worth 1 point.

Each vote form submitted will be worth 2 points

Bonus points will be awarded some weeks and will be announced at the same time as the new theme

Each correctly answered multiple choice question - from the tutorial will be worth 1 point.