Cafe Art & RPS Mentoring Group


2021 Cafe Art Calendar

Due to the Coronavirus next years calendars will be based on the best of the previous year’s calendar’s.


Page 3 of the Calendar is about our group and regular contributors will have one or two of your photos on the page, credited to you by first name.

Below is a copy of what the page will look like. Please let Paul (paul@cafeart.org.uk) if you have any questions or concerns on this ASAP.

Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 12.19.36.png

Ideas for September

We are hoping everyone will be given a digital camera.

We would like to attempt our first "socially distance" photo walk. 

We are looking at the possibility of putting on an outside exhibition.

As most of you know, John is currently the holder of the cafe Art digital cameras. He is due back from New Zealand on 7th September, after which I am hoping to arrange a Saturday afternoon photo walk where people who do not have their own camera will also have the opportunity to  borrow one of the camera's. This is likely to be on Saturday 19th or Saturday 26th September.

Paul is currently looking at the possibilities of us setting up an outdoor exhibition in Tower Hamlets. It is depending on whether Fuji can print the right type of images for us and more importantly whether he gets the permission he has requested from Tower Hamlets. He is also hoping to get some sponsorship to help out financially. Before he can give any further details or go any further with this project we will need to get the permission

Borrowing Digital Cameras

As we move forward into week 18 of our online format, some participants are beginning to find both the theory tutorials and the pictures you want to take difficult when you don't have a digital camera.

The newer cameras Fuji have offered us will currently not be available until they can offer training on them, which is unlikely to be before we can meet up at the Qbic  (when social distancing is no longer in force).

However we do still have the older digital cameras which we can use in the meantime.

John Kelly is now looking after these for us in his London home and, unfortunately, he is in New Zealand. However he returns on September 7th and we will then be able to lend the camera out to those who haven't got a digital camera.

Wayne is already borrowing one of the cameras, I believe Saffron & possibly Damain currently have their own, but I'm not sure about anyone else. If you do not have a digital camera and need to borrow one please e-mail me at: londoncommunity@rps.org, so we can make the preparations for when John returns.

In the meantime we will concentrate on taking pictures which we have done so successfully to date. In particular we will be looking at getting good pictures on brief, so that when we can exhibit again, we will be better prepared.