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Hello & welcome to the competition page, of the mentoring group.

The idea is to run a fun competition that we can all enter to help us practice our photography.

Each week, I will introduce a theme and photos can be taken on a camera phone or tablet and then uploaded to the whatsapp group or e-mailed to me at

Eligible entries will then be uploaded to this site.

All themes will bear in mind the current situation and those who might be self isolating. 

Voting is underway for Week 5

Week 5 - Leading lines.

For week 5 we are looking for lines. Lines of any type are welcome but we particularly want to see leading lines, a leading line is a line that takes you to a point of interest in the picture. There may be several lines or just one.  They are important in photography composition

Competition Rules

  1. Stay Safe - as always think about your health and safety.  All compulsory and recommended government guidelines relating to the Coronavirus must be adhered to.

  2. Each week a theme will be given to you by me.

  3. All photos must be on the theme, taken during the week of the theme and taken on a camera phone or tablet, before e-mailing or adding to the what’s app group.

  4. You can enter as many photos as you wish and cropping/editing on your phone or tablet is allowed.

  5. All members of the group; mentors, participants and others involved in the mentoring are encouraged to enter photos.

  6. Each member of the group will have one vote but only course participant's photos can be voted for.

  7. All photos will be added to a private website, where there will be a voting form (Bottom of the page)

  8. The new theme/subject will be given on Monday and entries must be in by Sunday midday

  9. The votes will be counted and the winner announced on Monday

  10. As long as we receive images from at least 5 course participants a £10 Amazon voucher will be awarded to the winner. If less than 5 participants enter then there will be no competition prize. So please enter.

Please select your vote from the course participants gallery. Everyone can vote, but you can't vote for yourself. If possible wait till the end of the week to vote. If you vote twice or change your mind only your last vote will count. 

To view the images on a desktop or PC  click on the thumbnail from the gallery 

To view the images from a mobile, tap the image under the gallery you wish to view and swipe right or left to see all the images in that gallery.

Mentors & others Gallery

1 Julian
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Course Participant's Gallery 1 (up to image 55)

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Course Participant's Gallery 2 (images:56-84) 

56 Michelle
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