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Whilst our aim might be to get the perfect shot straight out of the camera, this unfortunately, is not always possible. To make sure you have an image that stands out you will need first class software to process your photographs.


Adobe Lightroom is a photo management system and first class image processing system in one.


Built by photographers for Photographers, Adobe Photoshop  Lightroom delivers a complete workflow solution for the digital photographer from importing, reviewing, organizing, and enhancing digital images to publishing photos, producing  presentations, creating photo books and web galleries, and outputting high-quality prints.


Although it is feature packed to provide digital photographers with the tools they most need, it is also designed to be as straight forward as possible. 


Lightroom is designed for working with raw files and you will get the most out of your photos if you use raw images however adjustments can also be made in Tiff, JPEG or PSD files. 


All adjustments made to images are non-destructive, so there are no worries about image deterioration.

Your images remain on the hard drive as the original raw (jpeg) file and a set of instructions with a preview stored as your catalogue. Those instructions are only applied to the actual image when you export out of Lightroom.


Adobe Lightroom is a robust database which can hold as many images as you require. The folder structure is mirrored with your Explorer or Finder so any moving of files within Lightroom is reflected on your system. 


This database and the image processor is the basis for the 7 photographic modules that make up Lightroom: Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slideshow, Print and Web.

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